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Notice: · Superbuy warehouse in mainland China only supports domestic parcels’delivery to overseas countries !
· The Parcel Forwarding service is not part of the shopping agent service. If you purchase the product through the Superbuy shopping agent service you do not need to submit it for Parcel Forwarding.
· Service fee will be charged for domestic shipping from Superbuy warehousesView details>>
· Superbuy Hong Kong Warehouse only accepts parcels that are shipped to countries and regions (Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan) other   than Mainland China.
Parcel Forward Service
ConsolidationQuality InspectionInvoice RemovalPackage Reinforcement90 Days Free Storage
Parcel Forward Procedures

Subumit your list of items to Superbuy

Once it is verified,please send the parcel to warehouse and provide detailed logistics information

Visit 'My Warehouse' to select items for delivery and pay for the international shipping fees

Relax and wait for it to arrive

Waiting for storage

Once submit success,waiting for verify

Pack and send forinternational transport

Parcel Forwarding Charges


International Shipping Fee

Service fee (free for forwarding outside mainland China)

Handling Charge

Value-Added Fee

Total Parcel Forward Charges



Total Charges (Shipping Fees)

Delivery MethodMarket PriceSuperbuy Price

Hong Kong DHL¥ 246¥ 236

EMS Standard Express¥ 347.6¥ 255

EUB¥ 200¥ 162

* Price shown are for reference only (subject to the logistics provides)

Fee EstimationStart Now
Customized Shipping ServiceNew
Only in 5 simple steps. Oversized and overweight parcels can also be shipped
Fill in the FormOur staff member will contact you within 3 working days
Confirm the shipping route and send the parcel to Superbuy warehouse
Arrived and stored in the warehouse after quality inspection. The final shipping fee will be given
Superbuy will send your parcel for shipping once payment is received
How do I get my exclusive warehouse address?

If you want to use parcel forward service, you would need to send your parcel to the warehouse. Once you are registered with Superbuy, we will provide you an exclusive warehouse address. Click here to check 'My Warehouse Address'.

Are all items allowed to be shipped with parcel forward service?

Unfortunately, not all items can be shipped due to custom restrictions. Please read 《Restrictions of Importing and Exporting Items》carefully or contact our customer service team for more details.

How do I track my parcel?

Visit My Parcelsand find your shipped parcels. Click to view details to track or click here to track your parcel.