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  • What are '1st Weight Unit' and weight measured after the '1st Weight Unit'?

    1st Weight Unit is the minimum weight that parcel will be charged for. Parcel within the first weight unit will be charged as the first weight unit. Any weight over the first weight unit will be charged as the weight measured after the 1st Weight Unit.

  • What do I do if my parcel is over weighted?

    Different types of delivery have its own weight limits. If your parcel is over-weight, you would not be able to submit for delivery. Alternatively, you would need to remove some items and submit for delivery again.

  • What are the limitations on shipping prohibited goods, liquids, creams, food, DVDs, and medicines?

    According to customs regulations, cigarettes, alcohol, medicines and prohibited goods are not carried.

    And according to air transport requirements, food, liquid, granules and paste need to provide non-hazardous goods identification; it is recommended to avoid sending such goods in bulk, you can try to mail them in small quantities and send them together with regular goods (e.g., clothing, shoes) to reduce the risk of seizure. For example, cosmetic products do not exceed 100ml for a single product and 200ml for a single parcel, we can try to send them for you.

    Kindly note: All shipping suggestions are based on previous shipping experience and we are not responsible for any detention by customs.

  • What is volume weight?

    Volume weight is a term used in the logistics industry. The freight of goods with large volume and light weight can be calculated according to volume weight. For most air cargo, the volume weight will be calculated as follows:
    Volume Weight (KG)= Length (CM) * Width (CM)* Height (CM) / 6,000. For example, the freight of 6,000CM³ cargo is charged as 1KG of volume weight and the freight of 1M³ cargo is charged as 167 KG of volume weight.