01What is 'Shopping Agent Service'? How does it work? How do you charge it?

Shopping Agent Service is our core service. We purchase items from China to our customers based on their order instructions. In addition, we provide value added services for the whole process from recommending purchase items, quality inspection, storage, delivery and after-sales services to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the items.

Through Superbuy’s website or smartphone app, you can purchase items by making payments with local currency. The process is shown as below:
01Use our App or login to our website to search the items you would like us to purchase. During this step, we will provide information such as delivery or purchase recommendations or even assist you to find better options.
02Once the items have arrived at our warehouse, we will inspect the items’ quality for you and store them in our warehouse. You have up to six months of free storage to store your items.
03You can arrange a suitable time for delivery and remind us to deliver your items to you. If you do not need the items immediately, we recommend you to stock more items and deliver them into one bundled shipment in order to save delivery fee.
04No matter whether the items are on their way or have arrived at your place, our customer service will take the responsibility to assist you regarding to any after-sales issues.
0 service fee is our service philosophy. Customers just need to pay the item cost and delivery fee with no other additional service fee added. However, it does not mean our service quality would be compromised. In contrast, our goal is to provide the best customer service in this field. Therefore, we welcome our customers to compare us with other service providers in the market in terms of service quality and charges(Comparison of other service providers).
02Why do we purchase Chinese products as they are known to produce counterfeits in the market?

First of all, the most important reason is that we have our expert team to recommend and inspect the products’ quality for you to make your shopping experience safer and easier. Our experts will communicate with customers before any questionable items have been sent out in terms of any returns or refunds. We will try our best to avoid any unsatisfactory results from occurring when receiving unexpected products, in terms of money and time wasted. In addition, with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, there is a transition towards more appealing, innovative and quality products made in China, which also adhere to copyrights.

03There are so many other online sales service and shopping agents, why Superbuy?

The founder of Superbuy was one of the co-founders of Tencent Holdings Limited, a Chinese investment holding company with a market value over USD 200 billion. With the vision to create the best shopping services, the Superbuy crew utilize their strength in R&D to introduce amazing products, as well as implementing pioneering measures beneficial to our users. For example, free service charge, 24-hour customer services, best foreign exchange rate promise, compensation for damaged goods and more. Superbuy has high transparency by displaying different companies in the same industry for users to compare and gain greater access to information. With great confidence and passion in providing our services and goods; Tencent has helped Superbuy achieve an excellent reputation as an online platform. We would like you to experience and try our service to enjoy the affordable services.

04Taobao has an international platform where items can be shipped globally. Does it mean we do not need to use shopping agent service?

Taobao is only an e-commerce platform for a single seller to sell their products overseas. On the contrary, we are a service provider. The most obvious differences are detailed inspection combined delivery and after sales services.
We will inspect the items for our customers in order to reduce the chance of returns or unsatisfied items. Our customers can combine several items into one parcel to save overall delivery cost.
Last but not least, we have a professional after-sales customer service that deals with all sort of problems. Unlike Taobao, they are not able to provide this service. In conclusion, Superbuy are committed in providing the best services and will take full responsibility of customers’ orders.

05Product quality may be a problem on online shopping platforms, especially with delivery issues. As a shopping agent, would you take the responsibility to resolve shipping and transportation issues?

As mentioned earlier, Superbuy does not only provide shopping agent services to our customers but we also provide a strong and efficient after sales service including quality and delivery issues. We are different from other online platforms that transfer the responsibility to sellers or logistics companies because our customers' can rely on us. Our unique 24/7 customer service team is bilingual and will follow up all your inquiries until your questions are resolved. Our aim is to put the customer first and we will make sure that our customers are happy with our service.

06I would like to buy a large item, but the standard delivery is expensive, do you have other shipping options for me?

Of course you can, we have established great relationships with logistics companies, local and international. For example, we have an established relationship with DHL for huge parcel shipping, and soon we will launch our maritime transport option for customers. In addition, we will provide recommendations to process large shipping orders (see"Large Parcel Delivery"for more details).By using our services, we will recommend the most suitable shipping option for your items with the most reasonable cost.

07I would like to purchase food, liquid, electronic products etc., would that be possible?

Don't worry, as long as your items are legal, we will try our best to provide the best advices we can to you. Some special items might have limitations due to different country policies. Please contact our customer service team for more help.

08 I am not familiar with Chinese products in terms of price and quality, would you be able to help?

Our Experts Serviceteam will help you search trustworthy sellers with relatively better pricing.

09I'm an entrepreneur, how can we cooperate?

We are delighted to work with you. If you would like to work with us, please feel free to visit our Business Customer page for more information. Our marketing team will follow up on all the details with you as soon as we have received your Enquiry.

10Apart from Shopping Agent Service, what other services do you offer?
We also provide other services such as tourism. We are currently providing bespoke travel packages and global tourist attraction ticket sales. Furthermore, our international team contains professionals from different industries and has business partners from all around the world. In terms of any enquiries or needs regarding to cross-border business, such as looking for a business opportunity in China, setting up a personal professional observatory in Malaysia, or don’t know where to buy a product, feel free to contact us. We may be able to provide helps as Superbuy’s goal is to become our customers’ reliable friends and preferred choice.
11I'm not happy with your services, what can you do to calm me down?

If you have any enquiries or complaints, please feel free to contact our 24/7 online customer service team at any time. In addition, do not hesitate to contact our CEO by email ([email protected]) to express your shopping experience with us. Our mission is to provide the best service and to satisfy every customer's enquiry. It is our priority to solve our customer's problem first. As such, we will definitely listen to our customers and solve the relevant issues.

12As you don't charge for any services fee, how can you run your business?

At the moment, we aim to provide the best customer service to our customers because we believe that the more satisfied customers are the more return we gain. To be a loyal customer and providing us with advices and recommendations are more than enough. We also appreciate word-of-mouth with your friends and families.