Superbuy Glocalization Program Overview

In light of the rise of 'glocalization', Superbuy will apply industry best practices combined with our proprietary ideas on providing the best service, from being a preferred shopping agent to parcel forwarding and customer support services, coupled with a commitment to satisfying our customers’ demand for international purchases and shipping. As a result, Superbuy is able to support your global trade aspirations and we will work with both our global partners and individual consumers to bring you the most cost-efficient and commercially lucrative e-commerce model.

  • Partnership Type 1

    Collaboration in Local Markets

    The Glocalization Program partners and Superbuy will enter a partnership in the partner’s location (any country and region outside of China). As the local operator, the partners are expected to promote the Superbuy brand locally with their own resources, via various channels, and in different markets, while managing the operation of the custom website of Superbuy (responsibilities include local business solicitation, operations, product sourcing and forwarding).

    Duties of Glocalization Program Partners
    1Promote the Superbuy platform in multiple local channels
    2Operate Superbuy’s local custom website on behalf of Superbuy (optional)
    3Provide localization services (E.g. Sourcing local suppliers)
  • Partnership Type 2

    Service-based Collaboration

    Glocalization Program partners will be integrated into the Superbuy platform, providing Superbuy users (in any country and region outside of China) with services including product sourcing, parcel forwarding, and localization services.

    Service Type 1:The partners will offer one-stop services, including selling, product sourcing, forwarding, warehousing, logistics and after-sale services, in the local areas.

    Service Type 2:The partners will provide other services, such as sales of airplane tickets, travel allowances and virtual products.

    Duties of Glocalization Program Partners
    1Provide platform information on locally-supported procurement services (excluding China)
    2Procure products or offer parcel forwarding services based on users’ needs and follow up on the ordering
    3Responsible for signing as proof of delivery and the inspection of received products.
    4Responsible for the storage of the user's products
    5Offer parcel forwarding services
    6Offer pre-sales, on-sales, and after-sales services
    7Offer other localization services
  • Partnership Type 3

    Collaboration in the Promotion of Resources

    1.Superbuy Affiliates
    The partners must join the Superbuy Affiliate. They will be responsible for promoting the Superbuy platform via the Superbuy Affiliate.

    2.Exchange of Resources
    The partners will utilize every available resource to promote the Superbuy brand locally (this can be in any country and region outside of China), while Superbuy will employ all resources on its platform to carry out promotions for the partners’ businesses.

    Duties of Glocalization Program Partners
    1Promote through the Superbuy Affiliate program
    2Exchange resources and share the traffic

Glocalization Program Benefits

Profit Sharing

Profit generated from shopping agent, parcel forwarding and logistics services.

Superbuy Affiliate Bonus

Promote to affiliated users with the highest bonus

Logistics Line Support

Implement more logistics line support based on the demand of different countries and areas.

Free Marketing Exposure

Superbuy provides the resources for promotion on the website and the social media (E.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.)

Professional Training and Guidance

Professional shopping agent service, pre-sales and after-sales service training.

Custom Website Support

Support on partner's custom website (E.g. Second level domain, H5, APP) and localized shopping agent service webpage.

Tech Support

Superbuy will help the partner implement functions like shopping agent, parcel forwarding, search feature on the website.

Payment Methods

Various payment methods for local needs.

Our Partnership

Glocalization Program

Collaboration in Local Markets

Open doors to over a million audience

Profit sharing of all relevant profits

Service-based Collaboration

Profit sharing

Exclusive support for the partner's local shopping agent service page

Collaboration in the Promotion of Resources

Superbuy Affiliate with bonus sharing with back-end support

Exchange of resources and profit sharing

Our Advantages
How Can We Support You

Tech Support

Shopping Agent Service

Parcel Forwarding Service

Check Out and After-sales Enquiry Service

Product Search of Local Sites via API

Share Search Engine Keywords

Back-end System Training

Free Operation Training Service

Logistics Supply Chain

Connect New Logistics Lines

International logistics lines

Resources with Local Promotion

Glocalization Program Local Resource

Free Promotion for Marketing on Superbuy

Various Payment Methods

Payment methods provided by Superbuy or the partner's (E.g. Paypal, Visa, JCB, AE, Mastercard, Alipay, Wechat, Giropay, MyBank, iDeal, Poli, etc.)

International Audience

More than 2mil+ users

Reputated Brand

Over 5 years of e-commerce experience on cross-border services

Innovative Tech Team

Our management team is formed by several top tier business professionals from Fortune 500 companies

Unlimited Product Choices

Handled over 300 million SKUs

Full Benefit Guarantee

We believe in sharing for a win-win partnership


What We Ask From You

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22+ years oldBusiness (Trading, Logistics, Currency exchange, etc.) resourceLocal resident (1 year or above)Knowledge with online e-commerce platformsNative speaker of your languageDeterminedSufficient capitalStrong organizational skills