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Select Item

  • Mode 1

    Search product through the search box on homepage and choose from the results.
  • Mode 2

    Copy links to products on Taobao or Tmall and then open Superbuy homepage. Superbuy will recognize the link automatically and lead you to the corresponding shopping agent service page.

1、Available for Taobao, Tmall, JD, No.1, VIP Shop, Dangdang, Amazon China.

2、Unable to search items? Try our Expert Service


Submit Order

Select item’s colour, size, and quantity, then add to shopping cart or check out.


1. Please be advised that risks will be reminded since some items are restricted for international delivery.

2. For rebate products,you can view the rebate rate and the estimated rebate amount on the page.


Pay for Item(s)

Choose payment method and pay for the item and Chinese local delivery fee.


1、Available for multiple currencies.

2、Payment Methods: PayPal, Credit Cards, Wechat, Alipay, Chinese Debit Cards, Bank Tele Transfer.


Superbuy Purchase

Superbuy will contact the seller and purchase your ordered items.


During the purchase process, you can click ‘order enquiry’ to contact us for any further details. We will contact you via email or message if needed, i.e. some information is needed to be completed by you.


Superbuy Inspection and Storage

Quality inspection will be carried out and items will be stored in the warehouse. You can visit ‘User Center’ – ‘My Warehouse’ to view the item once it is stored.


Once the item has arrived to our warehouse, a series of quality inspection will be carried out and the photos will be taken for you to view them. We will contact you immediately if there are any problems.

What do you do next?

1、Send the stored items overseas (Step 6 – 9)

2、Or purchase more and send them all together (Repeat Step 1-5, then Step 6 -9)


1、We provide 90 days free storage service for your items.

2、Stock up and consolidate them to ship overseas in order to save shipping fee.

Description of International Delivery Service:Learn More

1、We can deliver your items to over 82 countries and regions worldwide with various delivery methods.

2、International delivery service is operated by our designated third party. Unfortunately, we are unable to fully control the processed time,item restrictions, custom tax, etc. However, we will try our best to assist you for any issues happened during delivery.


Submit for Delivery

Visit ‘My Warehouse’ and select items then submit for delivery. Fill in delivery details and choose the recommended type of delivery.


1、Some items may be restricted with a certain type of delivery. However, we have selected a few recommended types of delivery for you to choose from the list.

2、We provide additional services such as package removal, package reinforcement, insurance, etc. Please inform us under remark and we will follow your request.

3、Rebate products and non-rebate products can be shipped together.


Pay international shipping fee deposit

Select payment method for the international shipping fee deposit and customs fee.


1、The international shipping fee deposit is calculated according to the product’s estimated weight, the selected shipment method, and the destination.

2、Item will be weighted after packaging. The final delivery fee will be based on the actual weight and the difference will be refunded as soon as possible.


Superbuy Delivery

Consolidate and pack items, reinforce package, weight and send out for delivery.


You can track the parcel via ‘User Center’ – ‘My Parcel’ after it is sent out.


Waiting for your package to arrive

You can track your package and follow its shipping progress on the “My Parcel” page.


There is always the possibility that accidents may happen during international package shipments. Such circumstances include delays, confiscation, taxes, package damage, missing packages and more. Superbuy cannot control or prevent accidents that may happen when your package is in the hands of a third-party logistics company or the customs, nor will we be able to guarantee the service quality of other companies not affiliated to Superbuy. However, we aim toprovide the best service possible to our customers and will inform you beforehand of the shipping situation for each shipping route or country you select and do everything we can to aid you if problems occur.

Final Step

Delivered & Review

Once you have received the parcel, you can confirm the delivery via ‘User Center’ – ‘My Parcel’. If you have any question regarding to the parcel, you can also choose the relevant parcel and apply for after-sales service.


1. Once you completed the review, credit will be earned. Don't forget to earn credit as it can be used to deduct the international delivery fee.

2. If there is a rebate product in your parcel, the rebate will be credited to your Superbuy account after you confirm and review the parcel.

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