What is the Shopping Agent Service?

The Shopping Agent Service is Superbuy’s main service. We will buy Chinese products for our users following the users’ requirement. We also provide a one-stop solution including shopping advice, quality inspection, warehousing, shipping, and after-sales services. We will make sure that you receive the products you want. Using our Shopping Agent Service will be easier than making the purchase by yourself!

Quick Guide
What is the Shopping Agent Service?

Three Things You Need to Know Before Using the Shopping Agent Service for the First Time

  • 01 Service Description

    Superbuy provides the shopping agent order for selected platforms but Superbuy is not responsible for the risks associated with the products from third-party platforms.

  • 02 Shopping Procedure

    The shopping procedure is separated into two steps and you need to make two payments. We suggest that you estimate the international shipping fee before placing the order.

  • 03 Logistics Risks

    The logistics services for the shopping agent products are provided by third-party logistics providers. They are restricted by the customs policy and there might be logistics risks. You need to consider the risks as you will be responsible for them.

Why use our shopping agent service?

There is a wide selection of reasonably priced quality products in China. You only need to know what you want and we will be able to purchase it for you. With our one-stop solution that includes shopping agent, warehousing, quality inspection, and international shipping, you will have nothing to worry about when shopping crossing the border.

Why use our shopping agent service?

How to purchase Chinese products when you are not in China?

So, how to purchase Chinese products when you are not in China? Try the demonstration and you will understand!

Alright, let's get started!
  • 1 Select the product
  • 2 Submit the shopping agent order
  • 3 Superbuy purchases the product
  • 4 The product is stocked in the warehouse
  • 5 Submit the parcel for shipping

Shopping Agent Demonstration

We will provide you with a shopping agent demonstration with real procedures and you will be able to learn to use this service. However, no real order will be generated, and no cost will occur. Please do not worry.

Shopping Agent Demonstration