• Service Description

    Superbuy will only provide you with the shopping agent service for selected third-party platforms and Superbuy is not responsible for the possible risks and legal consequences like quality issues and copyright infringement. To protect your benefits, Superbuy will inspect the product multiple times, communicate with you, and provide after-sales assistance during the procedure. If you need to purchase a product from a third-party platform that cannot be verified, there might be problems like an extra service fee, unable to purchase, and shipping risks. For details, please refer to the feedback of our agents.

  • Shopping ProcedureMore >

    Two steps of the shopping agent service: First Step: Purchase; Second Step: Shipping. You will make one payment for each of the steps. We kindly advise that you estimate the international shipping cost before placing the order.

    Step 1

    We will purchase the product for you after you pay for the product and the domestic shipping cost incurred in China. The purchased product will be shipped to the Superbuy warehouse and can be stored for up to 90 days for free.You can purchase multiple products and consolidate them into one parcel to save money.

    Step 2

    Consolidate the products that are stocked in the warehouse, submit the parcel, pay for the international shipping cost, and the parcel will be shipped to you. Freight estimate >

  • Logistics Risks

    Purchasing merchandise is carried by third-party logistics providers, subject to customs policies and may have logistics risks, and needs to be self-assessed and undertaken.

    As a service platform, Superbuy is partnered with numerous third-party logistics providers who ship the products we purchased to you. Superbuy is not responsible for the confiscation, damage, loss, or delay of the products that occurred due to the policy of the customs or the uncontrollable risks associated with the international transportation. However, Superbuy will warn you about the possible risks ahead of time. We will improve our logistics insurance services, since we want to help you assess possible risks and minimize possible losses.

    A friendly and important reminder from the CEO on parcel shipping and logistics services >

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